About Us

Hi! My name is Dave and I am a building contractor in Siskiyou County. I bought this property because it is not too far from town, it has a creek and pond, killer view, and the only sound you'll hear is the wind in the trees and the water rushing by. As a skilled contractor for over 30 years I have put every care and attention to detail into my place. Enjoy laying in the hammock next to the pond and creek. Take a refreshing swim in the pond (the water comes straight from mountain snowpack!). Watch the sun come up over the mountain in the mornings. Lay on the deck at night and star gaze at the millions of stars in the sky. The spring flowers are spectacular along the mountain stream and around the pond. I am an avid summer and winter enthusiast. I'd love to help direct you to the best spots to have fun. ┬áHope to see you, ┬áDave